Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tourist in my own town

So we have been on tour with the band, back to my lovely home city of Vancouver. Many excellent and silly times were had by all. I had a particularly lovely time as I was living in a hotel downtown and getting my meals covered. This is a distinct improvement over living way out in the burbs and having to somehow scrap together the cash to go out.

I got to go out and eat at all the restaurants I never could when I actually lived there.

Okay, well maybe that's an exaggeration. We were only there for a couple of days and sometimes were too busy to go spend a good amount of time enjoying a meal, but I enjoyed a few places.

Moonpennies (Moonpenny? Moonsomething?) Cafe. Brie baguette for the win. Also excellent service.

Roxy Burger. REALLY GOOD burger and wings. I actually only tried the wings but the rest looked awesome and was raved about by several people. Not bad drink specials either. Good job by the manager chick to break up a potential fight. (okay, so it's not the swankiest place, but it's Granville street, whaddya expect? It's also one of the few places that will serve drinks extremely late at night. NOT THAT THAT'S THE REASON WE WERE THERE. AT ALL)

Guu. Japanese people yell everything all the time. They yell at you in welcome. They yell your order across the restaurant. They yell goodbye to you. At least I hope that's what they's all Japanese. They are wearing cargoes and crocs. It is a warm happy silly kind of crazy. The food is pretty good too. Scratch that...the food is amazing. Some of it is weird and funky, some is more 'normal' but all of it is good. I was made extremely happy by that restaurant.

Will Skip Next Time: Elephant and Castle. Cardboard burgers and soggy sandwiches were had by all. The fries and yam fries were okay. Drinks were...drinks. Oh, except the "Red Ruby" which was not a drink, but antifreeze in disguise.

Will Make Time For Next Time: Steamworks. I always like it. I'll get there this fall no matter what. I was sad to have gone there last October and found them to bein between batches of pumpkin ale which I hear is one of if not the best pumpkin ale in the world.

The Cambie. I can't believe I didn't take people there this time.

And tomorrow I'm on my own and on my own tab, but I'm still heading out to one of my favourite sushi places EVER. If you're ever if Fort Langley, go to Tokyo Garden. It's cute and little and wonderful and I'm looking forward to it extremely much. that will make for sweet dreams for me! Goodnight!

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