Friday, May 7, 2010

A Paucity of Water

Scene: I sit on the living room floor, working on my laptop. Having just finished a run, I am now waiting for the shower which is in use by roommate who has just woken up. The time is 1:14 pm.

Enter Roommate

Me: Oh, so you aren't dead.

Roommate: No! But I had the most excellent sleep, and a great shower. I definitely just used up all the hot water. It was amazing!

Me: Sounds like a good morning

Roommate: It was awesome.

Me: Well, glad you enjoyed it. I don't feel so bad for not waiting for you this morning. I went for a run.

Roommate: Yeah, I noticed.

Me (carefully not giving "the look"): Ha ha.

Roommate: Not that you smell! I just...look like you've gone for a run.

Me: Right. Regardless of smell, I should still probably have a shower.

Roommate: Yes. Yes you should.

Me: ...

Roommate: ...I just used up all the hot water.

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