Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I love moving!

Sounds a bit weird, I know, but I do it so often that it's not a bother - just something to force to get rid of a bunch of stuff. Actually, it's pretty much the only thing that will get me to go through all my crap, period. It's my spring cleaning. Or something like that.

I just moved into a new place today, and this move was more exciting than usual. Why, you ask? Well, this time, I had movers.

In my former starving student/starving musician days, I've moved everything myself, usually limiting my allowable amount of "stuff" to what can be fit in a minivan. At first this was because that was the vehicle my parents had, but later I decided it was a good amount of not-too-much stuff. (Okay, so I strapped the bed to the top.) I didn't even know it was possible to hire people to move things for you!

But it is, and now that I have a job that pays for things like that, people were hired to move things for me.


There were so many boxes, with random labels like "clothes, shoes" "kitchen" "knick-knacks, instruments" "garage" "baskets" that I usually had no idea what I was unpacking. To make it even more of a surprise, the movers used so much paper to wrap every single thing I owned that there was no way to tell what anything was. I would begin to unwrap what I thought was a mug, to find...paper!...and more paper!...and...a tealight!

It was like Christmas! I didn't care what anything was, but I had so much fun unwrapping it all! And there was so much to unwrap.

"Wow this thing is heavy, and huge! I didn't think I owned a mace...hold on...it's...my lamp! Awesome, I LOVE that lamp!"

"Hey look, candles! No wait, it's...chapstick! YAY!"

Shut up. I had fun.

And you should have SEEN the pile of paper I had going! It was like in the fall when you rake leaves and then jump in them! Except it was paper, and I didn't jump in it. I wanted to though. The pile came up to my waist - out of a box as high as my knees. These guys work some serious magic, I swear. I couldn't even fit the paper back in the box without the dishes and mugs the paper was wrapping.

Or maybe it was a box of holding and I should not have cut it down for recycling....


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