Thursday, May 20, 2010

On Topic

Wow, I really haven't written much at all about books or music here. I guess I should remedy the situation.

I finally read Scott Westerfeld's "Midnighters" series. I had been really looking forward to it, since it seemed like a neat idea and a good friend had recommended it. Unfortunately, it appears my tolerance for Young Adult reading has gotten abysmally low.

Don't get me wrong. They're good books. The plot pulled me along, and I cared about the characters. But I really just can't handle Angsty Teenager much anymore.

It's kind of a shame, because there are so many good YA books out these days, and so many new ones coming out. I've read a few in different series that I would counting down the days until new ones come out, if only they weren't written for high schoolers.

I guess I'm getting old.

Hah! Tell that to the waterslides I went on last week. (more about that later)

No, I think it's just that I only like novels for younger people that are really excellent and don't treat their readers like TV audiences. But I guess that's what teenagers want now, so it sells. I'm glad that more kids are reading and absolutely devouring my favourite genre. I guess I'm just disappointed that they don't fill me up the same way! Adult books take so much longer to come out. What the heck do I read next??

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