Friday, September 24, 2010

I need home for a rest!

I know I seem to have fallen off the face of the earth, but after having the luck of being picked up by a ship powered by an infinite probability drive, I have made it home safely. There were many adventures had in the interim, but due to the classified nature of many aspects of them, I unfortunately can't blog about what happened.

In other news, I was on tour again! Touring is both good and bad, in the same way that my friends are both good and bad: decisions are more easily made, for better or worse.

Actually scratch that, touring just makes bad decisions easier.

For example: "Let's drink."

Or: "Let's drink again!"

Or: "Even though it's really late we should order pizza and watch a movie and drink more!:

Then there's the incredibly sneaky: "Taking a night off because you've drank the last three nights? But it's Friday night! You can't do that!"

There are also more subtle means of helping bad decisions along.

"Let's get blizzards! It doesn't matter since we're eating crappy all tour anyways, so you might as well enjoy them now!"

"Well, since McDonald's is the only thing open at this time of night, let's go get that!"

"I heard there were free drinks!"

Ok well maybe that last one wasn't quite so subtle, but I think you get the idea.

Ironically enough, on our second day of tour, some of us ended up going out for martini's (cause it was martini night at the place we had dinner, which was good.) then were convinced to go to the bar attached to our hotel afterwards. I managed to get my friend on the dance floor, since the song playing was "Home for a Rest". And thus we knew early on what kind of trip it would be.

I made out better than most of my friends, being able to resist blizzards and too much pizza and actually not drinking a couple of those nights. But it still adds up. 6 days on the road. The first 5 of those were traveling AND concerts. Too busy to have time for ourselves until after the concerts, when we'd get back to the hotel and stay up until 1 or 2. Get back on the bus at 9 or 10 the next day. I've only been home 2 nights and a day and already I'm feeling great. I think it's the sleep. Even though I worked last night until late (and got free drinks while there! Have I mentioned that I love my job?) and we watched a movie after (but no pizza, and only one gin and tonic), I've still had way more sleep in these past 2 nights than I got in any 4 of the nights we were gone.

And now I'm back. And have 3 days off. Well, 2.5 now that I've slept through the first half of one. Then 3 more days of work and I get to go on tour again! I'm sure this next one will be so much more laid back, since it's the last one and we're all so tired. No one will feel the need to make the most of our last trip out of town at all...

*Insert ominous music and tolling bells here.*

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