Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lessons learned this weekend:

1. When making mojitos, it is beneficial to make the simple syrup BEFORE commencing with the drinking. This prevents sugar from getting all over the kitchen.

2. Also when drinking, it is better to choose snacks that are not orange in colour. Especially when you have beige carpets. People tend to be a lot more careful about their drinks than the snack bowl.

3. When going for a day trip somewhere (especially with musicians) always plan to be on the road an hour later than you thought.

4. When hiking, do not take the least experienced hikers' estimates for trip times. Just because they can walk 10km in 3 hours, does not mean it takes the same amount of time when lots of hills and difficult terrain are involved.

5. Never leave your facebook logged in on someone else's phone.

Actually that's not a hell of a lot. I only learned 2 things each day (1 for friday evening). I shall endeavour to have a more educational weekend next weekend...or some other time.

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